Rollin stone

New music from my upcoming project SPACELAND.



#BlissfulDreams is available for download on iTunes and all online stores. R&B singer and CIMA nominated artist Ellis Bailey displays a twist on R&B and Pop music creating the perfect mix. Produce by Donovan Jarvis, one of Atlanta’s hottest young producers. Help Ellis Bailey make it to the top of the charts this year show your support and experience Blissful Dreams. #EllisBailey #BlissfulDreams

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dream just a li…

dream just a little bit harder, live just a little bit louder, love just a little bit longer and live just a little bit in the moment.

My new song that I have been working on in the studio titled “moment” and it mean a lot to me to say these words and live by them. you only get one life to live so #LiveItUP

Drugs Sex and Money

The world hates everything you do and there is nothing that can change that. I know how you feel. This I the moment when a nice guy turns into a monster because of the mixture of Drugs Sex and Money.

I remember there were times when all I wanted to do was get high, get high off pills the more I swallowed the better  felt. I was would get so high I felt like I was floating in outer space. The rest of the world wonder who I was and where my mind was because of being spaced out for so long you become detached from the rest of the world.

My nightlife of sex went pretty much the same way constantly “Crashing” a different girl every night not forgiving myself for becoming the one thing I hated the most. A womanizer. I mean really can you blame me for being this way when its so easy.

The money would flow like water constantly coming in every form of bill; 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s. Have you ever had so much money that you couldn’t spend it? maybe I should calm down a little I didn’t have that much money but enough to keep me happy.

After reading this I’m sure many people are saying WOW! Ellis this can’t be true and you would be right. I never used drugs, I respect woman and I’m not wealthy just rich in heart. To clear up some things I will steal a line from Kevin Heart ” Let Me Explain”

The drugs I used was music. I wrote so many songs in my head I spaced out a lot of the time. It was as if I was in space most of the time but, this actually kept me grounded to the earth. The sex I had was just fantasy’s of mine a wet dream because of all the lonely nights looking for love. All the money I spoke of was just the image we all want to present. This post was meant to show you that the lies we tell are more interesting then the truth.  – Lets change the way we think………

Damn I still love you

Even through all the BS and fights and long nights screaming alarms at each other we still find a way to say damn I still love you at the end of the day.

Does a man and woman mean to hurt each other or is it by nature that we must do so in order to find out how much love we really have for each other? Sometimes I think to myself its crazy for people to do this and why would you do that  to each other? Maybe its just our human nature to fight and collide, I think the best collision is sex, so it seems right that the more you collide the more sex you have. (by the way make up sex is the best I think. Just saying.)

There’s a line in my new song CRASH, creativity titled to resemble a car crash (AKA collision) as sex it goes like this  “give me love and take it back, make my mind go crazy” I think the back and fourth in a relationship is a huge battle we face everyday but there one thing missing love.

We need to hold on to what we believe in…. Do you believe in love?

Dark Shadows

Sometimes when you feel like their has to be more to life then what is in-front of me, this is the time when you step outside of yourself. the Dark Shadows can blind you and keep you in the dark if you let them. I remember the times I lived in the shadows of myself and never wanted to be the face of popularity but now that I’m singing and making music its clear that I was made to do this, I was made to entertain my fans.